Bulk Mineral Spirits

Mineral Spirits can be used for dissolving grime, grease and residues on various surfaces as well as cleaning parts, thinning paint, hand cleaners, asphalt cutbacks, industrial cleaners and various other uses.

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Introducing Bulk Mineral Spirits from WinSynergy Chemical: A Versatile Solvent for Cleaning, Degreasing, and Thinning.
Our high-grade mineral spirits are your go-to solution for effective and versatile cleaning applications. With a carefully refined formula, this bulk product excels in dissolving grease, grime, and residues on various surfaces. Whether you’re tackling paint thinning, degreasing machinery, or general cleaning tasks, our mineral spirits offer superior performance.
Additional details:
  • Formula: Mixture of aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons
  • Density: 0.77-0.82 g/cm³
  • Boiling point: 150-200°C (302-392°F)
  • Flash point: 38-43°C (100-109°F)
  • CAS number: 8032-32-4
The bulk packaging ensures you have an ample supply for all your industrial and chemical needs. Contact WinSynergy Chemical for your quote today.

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55 Gallon Drum, 275 Gallon IBC Tote, 550 Gallon IBC Tote, Pallet, Tank Truck/ISO Tank

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